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Welcome to Libya with complement of Alajwaa
AJW - Services Upon Request
In addition to our main services at the Airports we have special department specializing in providing logistics services and Consultancy as following:  
JW - Internal and External Consultancy Services
JW -  Ground Transportation:
Our team are ready to Arrange high standards of transportation for passenger, crew, Individuals, Groups and Goods/Cargo

AJW -  Hotel Accommodations:
for individuals and groups

AJW - Issuing visas
Upon Arrival
JW - Marine Services:
Customs procedures
Transportation to/from ports

AJW - Refueling
On call fueling services is provided by AJW at Libyan airports with competitive prices taking into consideration the constant monitoring with the supplier to provide you with the best service at the We follow high standard procedures and security and safety measures during the fueling process.

AJW - Catering arrangement:
We are able to arrange catering at Libyan airports.

AJW - Prepayment arrangement
Handling Fees, Landing Fees, Catering Fees, etc. We can prepay those services on your behalf all over Libya and will issue one final invoice after the flight

AJW – Supervision:
If you are not able to be at an airport on your own to supervise an operation and you need an experienced partner to supervise your flights in Libya.
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