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About Us:
Alajwaa Air Cargo Company (AJW) is owned by a dedicated team experience in this field more than 30 years old and are the elite of Libyan Airlines Company.
We consider the first private company in the field of air cargo in Libya and we offer our services 24 hours a day in most Libyan Airports, we are able to accelerate Services with the help of a dedicated team in the field of general aviation and air cargo in particular and due to our rich experience in this field and this is due to more than 30 years ago.
As a result, we have created a company and got a network of resources that will meet the demands and needs of your specific wherever and whenever you send your shipment from/to Libyan Airports, our main focus is to satisfy our customers.
Through 30 years of experience in the field of air cargo, we were able to build a network of resources that will provide services with all the necessary shipping services according to the type of shipment purpose. And well informed to the requirements of each shipment and the time needed to provide high quality service in less time to ensure cost efficiency
Thank you.
Welcome to Libya with complement of Alajwaa
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